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Yay, it’s Sunday again! – CW 40

Seven days have passed, and autumn has almost arrived.

Last Sunday I started to reorganize my entire web profiles, changed and removed photos, texts, shifted content between my profiles and created new content. I also started using Buffer  to schedule posting my content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram and it’s awesome. Hootsuite I used before but Buffer I like more. When I organized my blog articles, I realized that I still use those shit WordPress themes. I tried out some more suitable themes for my personal blog and my food blog, but I’m still not happy with them. Maybe I will find the time to create a WordPress theme on my own again.

On Tuesday I attended to a smaller AngularJS Meetup in Amsterdam, and it was great. We talked about the experience with Angular 1, Angular 2 and other (MVW) Frameworks we used for projects. One of the attendees held a quick presentation with all the benefits from Angular 2 including some live websites they’ve already been implemented with the beta or the latest version of Angular 2.

The rest of the week I spent time learning Dutch using Duolingo and taking a lesson at a language school in Amsterdam.

I also started a few weeks ago to watch Shameless which is awesome and reminds me a bit of Roseanne. But with more drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence. Yay!

The weekend was kinda lazy. I didn’t do anything special. Just hanging around, watching movies and series, met a friend Sunday morning for a vegan brunch and pre-cooked for the next week.

What Else?


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