Why Are Daily Routines So Important To Me

People are always smiling at me because of my daily routines and that’s okay. I know that others are afraid of routines because they can’t handle them and routines put them too much under pressure. For me; those daily routines are necessary to organize everything in a better way, which doesn’t mean that I’m more predictable and acting like a robot. No, it’s more organizing and processing my day in a way I like, and I prefer.

My day starts since ages at five in the morning or even earlier. Sometimes on Saturday and Sunday, it can happen that I wake up around six, but in most of the cases my inner clock wakes me up earlier. Just a few minutes after the alarm rang for the first time, my dogs wear their harnesses, and I leash them in front of the door for our one hour or longer morning walk. The morning walk is important to me. I have time to get awake on a sunny, cloudy or rainy morning, and my dogs can do their business and enjoy the time when they can run unleashed in the park. Unfortunately, it’s almost everywhere forbidden to unleash your dogs but in the morning, we are alone in the park so they can enjoy it.

Back home, I start feeding the dogs or have breakfast first and feed them before I leave the apartment. Since I feed them randomly, they’re not begging for food anymore as soon as we’re back. Back then, when I feed them directly after the morning walk, they followed me everywhere through the apartment in the hope of getting some food. That was annoying. Fortunately, nowadays they’re laying down somewhere and wait for the command to go to their corner what means that I will now prepare the food for them and call them separately to get their food. Besides my breakfast, I’m sitting on the couch and read new blog articles, write my morning thoughts on dailypage.co or do other stuff before I get ready for work. In the past few months, I started to work between 7 and 7:30 am and didn’t often do lunch outside of the office. I preferred to bring some pre-cooked meals for the microwave and have my lunch next to my work. I know, this isn’t healthy at all, but I prefer to leave sooner instead of wasting time and money.

Until 4 pm at the latest, I’m going to leave the office and do a quick shopping at the grocery store. Sometimes I have to work from home a bit, but this got, fortunately, less. Back home, I put the shopping aside and go out with the dogs for our second walk. Depending on the weather, my work, or other circumstances, the second walk is with ~20 minutes just a quick or again with an hour a longer walk. After that, I’m cooking something and play and spend some time with the dogs. Around 5 pm, I’m free to do whatever I want, and I try to organize my evenings and nights not too much. If I’m not meeting or inviting friends, I watch movies, series, play online games, write and read articles, do some programming and stuff, play and record guitar songs, etc.. There’s always something what I can do and what I like to do.

In the end, the morning and the afternoon are the parts of the day where I follow my routine tasks, and these are the most important parts of the day. When it starts and when it ends.

Even before I had a dog, those routines were important to me, and I got pissed when I overslept or something went wrong in the morning and destroyed my plan, rhythm, and everything. It’s like being behind everything and hard to catch up the time and plans. Even you can catch them up in time; it doesn’t fell right anymore. So the whole day is gone. Lucky me, this doesn’t happen that much.

The weekend is slightly different because here I replace the working time in the office with some and less time for the household work. Like doing the laundry, a quick or solid cleaning, shopping, tidy up the apartment and so on. From 8 or 9 am on Saturday morning, I already did everything and can enjoy the weekend.

I feel good with that, and I like it. Sometimes I’m shifting everything a bit but even if I went out during the night, I’m going out with the dogs when I come home in the morning because the dogs should never suffer because of me.

That’s pretty much it.


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