The History Of A Nifty CSS Flexible Grid System

Since I use the semantic-ui framework, I’m very dissatisfied with that grid system. For this reason, I looked for an alternative and stumbled over At this time, the first release (1.0.0) of this CSS framework had its price with a minified file size of 384 kb which it was too large and not recommend to be used with a private or a productive website. For some local testings, that framework works very well.

Only a few days after the first release, the second release (1.0.1) had a minified file size of 180 kb and brought some changes with the arrangement of the CSS classes and the cell calculation.

My favorite release (1.1.0) came only a week after 1.0.1 and had a minified file size of 164 kb. The framework now uses shorter selectors, also brought some calculating changes and the CSS class names of the helpers (push, pull and hidden) were renamed (ex: from .xs-hidden to .hidden-xs).

With the fourth release (2.0.0), which was released few days ago, we have now a minified file size of 52 kb and a completely refactored framework with a new logic and further selector improvements. In addition to these changes, all the great helper classes are now gone.

I will continue to monitor this nifty semantic modularity framework and its development and look forward to some new features and more!

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