Pay Your PSN Sales From Abroad

When I moved for the first time to abroad; I had to face the problem that I can’t pay my PSN store sales anymore. Sony restricts all provided payment methods (credit card, PayPal, etc.), to the country where you created your PSN account which sucks. In my case, I’m only able to add a German credit card or Germany PayPal account. In the beginning, I created in Hungary a Hungarian PayPal account with my Hungarian credit card and transferred the exact amount for the PSN store sales to my German PayPal account (you have to add a credit card, otherwise you can’t using PayPal to pay your PSN store sales!) which worked fine until PayPal Germany noticed that sending money between accounts with the same account holder behind is against their terms and conditions. I was surprised that I could do this for almost one and a half years like that. I also did transfer the money by logging me into the German PayPal account from abroad which is also against PayPal’s terms and conditions and has the same results like sending money to your account. They’re blocking your account and sometimes they don’t even allow you to transfer money or pay with the money on your PayPal account anymore. You only can transfer the money to the linked bank account if it still exists.

After that, I realized that PSN store gift card codes are the only solution for my problem. There exist a lot of weird websites where you can buy those gift card codes and on some of those websites you’re also able to purchase a gift card code with the exact amount of money you need. But to be honest, I don’t trust those sites. I buy the gift cards on Amazon where I can combine the number of different gift cards (5, 10, 15, 25… 75 EUR) to the amount I need for my sales. With 5 EUR as the smallest gift card, it’s not wasting money when you charge money on your PSN account.


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