My First Few Days In The Netherlands

I had some exciting days in Haarlem and the Netherlands, and it’s still a great thing that I moved to the Netherlands and didn’t run wild in Budapest, Hungary. Until now, everyone in Haarlem and Amsterdam is so kind and supportive, and I feel good with everything. Even some processes need their time and require a particular order; you always know what’s the story, and you won’t be left in the dark as it was in Hungary almost everytime, everywhere. Besides the registration in the Netherlands, the bank account I had to open and all the other paperwork, I could explore Haarlem, the city where I live, and enjoy some few days at the beach with my dogs, and it was awesome. My friends were quite jealous when I mentioned taking the bus to the beach which stops in front of my apartment and only needs 11 minutes. That’s so awesome! I also walked once home from Bloemendaal aan Zee which was nice for the dogs. There are lots of green areas and a forest where they can run unleashed, and they enjoyed it very much. The first time when the dogs saw the sea, there were overly excited and pulled me in the direction of the water to catch the waves and play, and run over the beach. For Lali, it was after few minutes enough because the waves were too high and Lali isn’t that tall. But he liked it anyway and wanted to go to the water when we went to the beach again. It was just a bit too much for the first time.

From the 15th of August, I’m going to have my first working day in the new company, and now I’m the one who’s overly excited and looking forward to it. It’s always a great challenge to see and work with new people. Being the new fish in the pool can also be a bit awkward but from what I know, I met most of them once when flew to Amsterdam for a day, they are all open minded and kind, and I can hardly wait to work there.

I have to say that the time in Hungary was also great. Therefore, I still don’t regret the decision I made almost two years ago to go to Hungary and live and work in Budapest. But now I’m in the Netherlands and a new chapter has begun.


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