Keep Your Ass Out Of “Stefánia’s Pizzeria” In Budapest

Few weeks ago I visited Stefánia’s Pizzeria and, unfortunately, I had a not so good experience there. The place looked cozy and invited from the outside. That’s the reason I decided to go in for lunch instead of waiting outside the bus stop for 45+ minutes and wait for my next connection back home.

I have to admit that I knew the area and also knew that the restaurants and shops around that corner are tourist traps but I didn’t want to wait outside.

The menu looked good, and the selection of food was okay – even tough the prices were definitely for tourists. After I had sat down, a waiter approached me and greeted me in German! He was nice and brought me a Pepsi Light directly after I gave my order. With the drink, I got as a starter a glass full-filled with Italian Grissinis (Breadsticks).

It didn’t take too long to get the appetizer. I ordered a plate with different types of dips. An avocado, a sour cream and a tuna dip. According to the menu, they served fresh homemade bread to the dips.

I couldn’t even finish the appetizer; the main dish served. As a main dish, I chose a mixed salad with bacon wrapped chicken breasts.

Now let’s check the dark side of my visit

  • The waiter didn’t stop talking in German to me, even if I spoke to him in Hungarian (As far as I could!).
  • The first Pepsi Light was way too warm and the second was only just a bit colder. I never order a drink with ice cubes if I can’t see or know how they handle the ice cubes for the drinks. Therefore, I had to deal with the warm drink.
  • The Italian Grissinis (Breadsticks) were old and stale.
  • The advertised fresh homemade bread was fresh maybe three days ago, and they didn’t taste as it sound on the menu and as they advertised it. It was stale too, and you could see and feel that the bread slices in the basket mixed out of two or more different types of older bread and they just warmed it up. On the top of that, I found a dark hair at the bottom of the bread basket!
  • The salad consisted lots of old lettuce leaves and overripe cherry tomatoes.

The Positive Things

The wrapped chicken breast pieces and the Avocado and Tuna dip were tasty and delicious.

After I had sawed the old lettuce leaves, I ate only the wrapped chicken breasts. After that, I called the waiter to the table and told him the thing with the hair in the bread basket and the old bread.

He was totally pissed and asked me in a rude way what do I want now from him. He was keep asking if I want now a free coffee or a free dessert or something else for free! Yes, he asked “something else.”

At that moment, he changed from his good German to a broken mix of English and Hungarian. Maybe it was easier for him to avoid the mistakes and force me to leave the restaurant. I told him I want the bill and don’t want to have anything for free.

I didn’t want to give him a tip because he and the waitress only came to my table if I called them (I have to say, that I was the only guest next to a couple in the whole restaurant). I had a terrible experience with the dishes, and I was pissed too because of his reaction after I was complaining about the bread and the hair.

The last surprise came after that. The bill contained the drinks and food, PLUS a tip off 458Ft!!! I didn’t want to start an argument again and just wanted to pay the bill. That was the worst restaurant experience I ever had since I moved to Budapest.

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