Fixing The SSH Authentication Issue In MySQL Workbench

As a user of M$ Windows, I use the putty tools to connect to my server through ssh – based on a key pair which was generated with puttygen. MySQL clients like HeidiSQL can successfully connect to the server using an ssh tunnel and the private key. However, if you try the putty generated key with MySQL Workbench, you get this error message:


Through the log files, I could determine what occurs while the authentication is running. I need an OpenSSH key! Fortunately, puttygen has an export tool which we use to create a suitable key:

  • Start puttygen.exe
  • Open your putty private key (Conversions > Import key [yourkey.ppk])
  • Insert your passphrase
  • Export the key (Conversions > Export OpenSSH Key [yourkey-openssh.ppk])
  • Adjust your MySQL Connection in MySQL Workbench (SSH Key file from yourkey.ppk to yourkey-openssh.ppk)
  • Klick on Test Connection

If you did everything correctly, you should get a similar message like this:


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