Fixing The Disappeared MetroTwit GUI On Windows

In some cases, MetroTwit starts without the GUI. Only the task manager shows us that the MetroTwit process is apparently running.


Now we kill the process by selecting MetroTwit.exe open the context menu with the right mouse button and klick on end process structure. After confirming this step, the process will disappear from the task manager list.

Few minutes and a folder search later we discover that MetroTwit is located in two places. On the first place at %HOME%/AppData/Local/Apps/2.0/36V45Z62.3OW/2OOHH9OB.A31/metr..tion_89233686fad4c081_0001.0002_55d931916b5bde49, we located the executable files and more. On the second place %HOME%/AppData/Roaming/MetroTwit, MetroTwit apparently created some config and other files which are needed to run the application.

I made an Attempt and deleted the folder on the second place %HOME%/AppData/Roaming/MetroTwit and starts the application again.

Low and behold, it’s working (again) … Wohoooooo!!!


Probably we had some issues with a previous update or some configuration mistakes which prevented the start of the GUI.


A not so radical solution for the GUI problem I received from an attentive anonymous reader. For him, the problem was due to the Aero glass color setting in Theme accent at the global configuration. He goes to %HOME%/AppData/Roaming/MetroTwit, opened the MetroTwit.config file and changed the node value from <Accent>Aero</Accent> to <Accent>Custom</Accent>. For a test, I changed the node value from Custom to Aero and could still open the application with the GUI, but maybe it will help someone else.

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