Disable Skype Advertisement From Chat Window

First: I’m a friend of advertisement, and I gladly support websites or applications with banners, links, etc.. In this case, the ads destroy the usability of Skype!

The problem

Open new chat windows and the focus disappears from the message field WTF?!?!?! That’s is a huge pain in the ass because you have to set the focus manually back into the message field before you want to start writing. I don’t know why this happens, but this sucks on so many levels.


Resolve the problem

To turn off the advertising, we must tackle the problem at the system level. Each operation system has a hosts file which is responsible for addressing the network nodes in a network. I found a short list of Domains in a Forum that delivers the advertisement and redirects all of them.

Where the filehosts Wikipedia is located on your operation system, you can refWikipedia page of hosts. On a Windows system, you are only able to edit the file hosts running the editor as a system administrator. On a Linux system, the only root can touch the hosts file.

// redirect that domain request to your localhost rad.msn.com g.msn.com live.rads.msn.com ads1.msn.com *.msecn.net vstatic.2mdn.net adnexus.net *.rad.msn.com ads2.msads.net a.ads2.msads.net flex.msn.com adnxs.com bs.serving-sys.com b.ads2.msads.net ad.doubleclick.net ac3.msn.com *.msads.net ec.atdmt.com msntest.serving-sys.com sO.2mdn.net aka-cdn-ns.adtech.de secure.flashtalking.com cdn.atdmt.com

After adding the entries above and redirect to your localhost where no adserver for Skype is running, restart Skype and enjoy to chat without ads and stay in focus in the message field.


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