Commodore 64 Games On A 4K Screen!!!

When I turned 10, I got a used Commodore 64 from my second cousin, and I was overly excited. That was the first time I used a mouse and a keyboard, seriously and when I load and start games, it felt like hacking something with all the commands and stuff.

Now we arrived the area of 4K screens, and some freaks are running Commodore 64 games on a 4K screen woohoo!!!!!


. At this point, any true Commodore 64 enthusiast will be wondering, what does the C=64 emulator look like in 4K? It must be the most amazing thing ever seen by a retro computer enthusiast. Imagine Mario Brothers, Impossible Mission, Spy Hunter, all in amazing 4K! I could write a program that prints “Gavin is Cool!” and see it propagate the screen in 4K. I just had to see what this would look like!
– Gavin

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