Become A MacBook Lover In Around Two Days


Just a few days earlier, I was working with my older, slow and moody Windows Laptop and honestly — I’m still happy with Windows. I use Windows as an operating system since ages, more precisely since Windows 3.0, and it works (very) well. I can do everything that I want on a very handy and quick way and have programs for everything that I need. I can say that Windows is still a very nice companion.

One week ago, my Windows laptop got weird, developed a life of its own and became slower and slower, so I planned a re-installation of few hours two days ago. On that day, I had Photoshop open, saved my work and the laptop crashed with a beautiful fucking blue screen. Since that, my laptop won’t start. I don’t believe in karma but a day before, I was talking to my new company’s boss about my working material, and he mentioned that I will get a MacBook because some important programs are Mac only.

I was working for a short Periode with a Mac system eight years ago, and it hurts. Since that, I was always complaining about Macs. Macs are shit, pain in the arse, strange and weird and Apple is shit, but… now my time came to regret. As my laptop crashed, I stumbled from one computer store to another, checked and compared the deals with each other and decided to give a MacBook Pro a chance in the end because I need it for my new work.

Now I became a Mac user, and I felt strange and clumsy.
After I unboxed and set the MacBook into operation, I was quite impressed with the setup routine and everything. Even though my first steps were very wonky, I got quick a good feeling how to handle the new environment and how to work with the operating system. Few hours and few installations later I was amazed how easy everything goes and how quick I could internalize many of the commonly used keyboard combinations and how fast I could work with the MacBook.

On the second day with my new MacBook Pro, I was still impressed, and I wanted to try how to code and program with the MacBook because now I have to use many different keyboard combinations for all kind of brackets, special characters, change between the browser and my programming tools and more. I have to say; it’s different but not so hard as I ever thought. It’s very cool.

Besides everything I describe here, what I like, no.. what I love are many of excellent third-party tools they are fully integrated into the OS as a standalone application like Wunderlist for example. And the Google integrationist quite excellent too.

After the last days and my intensive work with the operating system and everything, I have to say that I was stupid not to give a Mac a second chance a bit earlier. It’s a very convenient operating system with enough impressive benefits, and I can recommend trying that change and if it sucks, sell the MacBook for almost the same price as you paid for… they will always pay what you offer for 😉

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